My New Gourmet Olive Oil

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The weekend before Christmas 2011 we took a quick family road trip up to the Pacific Northwest (yes, we drove from Los Angeles to Seattle) to visit my sisters in-laws. I had never been to Washington state and the drive was actually really nice.  However, next time – I’m flying.

In all of my sisters trips up to Washington, in addition to the weather and the beautiful landscapes, the one thing I kept hearing about over and over was the Boscaiola at Marzano’s. Marzano’s is an Italian restaurant that features food with a Northern Italy flair and is their family’s favorite. So, one night we braved the cold weather and headed out to this infamous place. As we sat down, I already knew I was having the Boscaiola (crimini mushroom, rosemary, black forest ham, onion, garlic, creamy Bolognese over rigatoni pasta) so that freed me up to focus on the fresh made bread on the table. I found the oil and automatically knew I was in for a treat – the bottle had a peppercorns, rosemary, garlic and a chili in it. I love flavored oils but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to experience. This olive oil changed my life, so much so that I was taking iPhone shots of the info on the back of the bottle so I could contact them (or beg) and find out how I could get a case down to Los Angeles. I think I personally went through a quarter of the bottle myself. I don’t recommend that but when you find a good thing, I think it’s okay to splurge a little. Or a lot.

A few days later, we drove into Seattle to walk around the downtown area. It so happened that as I was on my way to get a latte at the first Starbucks (because you just have to do that once) something caught my eye. It was a little olive oil and vinegar shop – Sotto Voce. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was the olive oil from  Marzanos. I could not believe my luck. Needless to say, I stocked up.

my new gourmet oilI’m so excited to share this awesome find. I purchased the Olio Santo and the Olio Buon Gustaio. If you love gourmet olive oils, this is the stuff to get.

I hope you find this helpful.

much love!


  • Jessie
    February 23, 2012

    Yum! You should see my collection of oils & vinegars. I discovered an amazing Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar shop up in northern california called Mia Sorella, ( so many delicious flavors! I also discovered The Olive Vineyard ( via a booth at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This one is in Agoura Hills, we should totally go some time!

    • Jessica
      February 24, 2012

      Yes, lets plan on it!!

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